I enjoyed organising Tyvek workshops for many years,  but the last one was on the 7th of May 2016. I suggest  that you have a look at Google Search providing you with lots of information about Tyvek.

In case you really insist on attending a Tyvek workshop with me, we can talk about it if you bring along 4 other interested persons!  Mail me at saskia@weishut.com
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Next Exhibition:
Amsterdam Whitney Gallery (klick here for the website)
531 West 25th Street-Ground Floor, Chelsea, New York, NY 10001
May 5 - June 14, 2018
"Salute to the Stars" Soiree Saturday, May 12, 3-5 pm






Seeking beauty and fantasy through tradition, Dutch mixed media artist Saskia Weishut-Snapper blends quilting and painting in in her abstract, highly tactile compositions. Utilizing iridescent thread and careful embroidery, Ms. Weishut-Snapper’s peintisseriesare a fusion of peinture (painting) and tapisserie (tapestry). Showcasing a painterly approach to textiles, her works are a symbiosis of craftsmanship, invention, and her Jewish and parental tradition.

Ms. Weishut-Snapper uses the scale, emotion and energy of landscapes to inspire energetic drawings and textiles. The power of the elements is translated into layers of intuitive marks, visually exploring whimsical landscapes with unbridled imagination. Thread colors and textures entwine to produce a vibrant and dynamic surface with tones visually mixing and revealing themselves hence captivating and entrancing the viewer. Ms. Weishut-Snapper sews as she draws and draws as she sews, using her sewing machine as a mark making tool. Her mixed-media compositions exude delicacy and individuality, visually showing the precision necessary for such lively, vibrant, and effervescent compositions.

Using iridescent thread and careful embroidery, Ms. Weishut-Snapper creates a dimensional surface. Motivated by landscapes and her fascination with different cultures, her textiles are flattened into cloth strips of earthy orange, beige, and brown, the picture is punctuated with bright pops of sumptuous teal and rich texture. Utilizing the art historical technique of textile weaving to express artistically the natural environment, Ms. Weishut-Snapper appropriates historical, Jewish artisan production into her contemporary compositions. Each piece plays with abstraction and realism, balancing flattened fabrics with overlapping figures and scenes from artfully arranged blocks of cloth. “In my work I am led by my urge to create and by my fantasy. By feelings, ambiance, rhythms, and lines,” Ms. Weishut-Snapper says of her inspiration.

Embracing and recalling her Jewish upbringing and Judaic artistic tradition, Ms. Saskia Weishut- Snapper transforms her fabrics into jewels of artistic expression. The award-winning artist Saskia Weishut-Snapper works and resides in Holland. Since 1976, Ms. Weishut-Snapper’s peintisseries have been exhibited in Germany, England, Italy, Greece, Japan, the Netherlands, and the United States.






MAY 5 - JUNE 14, 2018






















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