Tyvek is a synthetic material which can be painted, cut, embroidered and after that manipulated with an iron. Combined with for instance threads and sheer fabrics you can create the most wonderful effects.

I enjoyed organising Tyvek workshops for many years,  but the last one was on the 7th of May 2016. I suggest  that you have a look at Google Search providing you with lots of information about Tyvek.

In case you really insist on attending a Tyvek workshop with me, we can talk about it if you bring along 4 other interested persons!  Mail me at saskia@weishut.com

People interested in working with a very interesting material, called TYVEK are welcome to participate in workshops which I give in my studio opposite the Amstelhotel in Amsterdam.

If you would be interested to attend a tyvek workshop, please inform me by mail. The studio is open from 10.00 AM, the workshop starts at 10.30 AM and it ends at 4 PM.

The maxi workshops include coffee/tea and lunch.

You are requested to phone or mail me if you would like to attend. English, French, German and a little Japanese spoken.

Saskia Weishut-Snapper
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tel.+31 20 422 8616
fax + 31 20 422 8615